Intuition: the ability to understand or know or consider something likely, from instinctive feeling, rather than conscious reasoning.

According to Psychology Today,"intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation. It is not magical but rather a faculty
in which hunches are generated by the unconscious mind rapidly sifting through past experience and cumulative knowledge."

What is an Intuitive Analyst?
An Intuitive Analyst is someone who is highly sensitive, and has a knack for picking up on subtle vibrations in what we call "the field".
By picking up on these subtle vibrations, be they seeing things most people miss, or feeling changes in the environment, we can give a forecast or "reading".
It is "intuitive" because these feelings are largely instinctual responses based within biofeedback.
This biofeedback we experience results in hypersensitivity. An intuitive analyst has trained themselves to use this hyperawareness as an ability or tool,
instead of just being on the receiving end of a physiological response, which often results in fear and anxiety.
This intuition is often registered as heightened physiological awareness, such as noticing increased heart rate, or respiration as a direct response to certain stimuli in the environment.
We translate the responses we receive from our subconscious mind and physiological (bodily) changes, to generate a forecast (reading) to identify a collective idea or interest (trend).
Heightened senses of awareness are the heightened aspects of the usual five senses, which animals use to identify changes in our/their surroundings.
Picking up on these changes alerts animals to:
⦁ Danger, by smelling something new, hearing something different, or noticing changes in the usual sounds and vibrations.

⦁ Help them find food because of heightened sense of smell.

⦁ Sense whether or not a storm is coming by being aware of pressure changes, stillness or moisture changes, so they can find shelter.

⦁ Remember. Heightened somatic memory is a survival instinct. Animals remember trails and experiences. These can be pleasurable or scary.
Increased somatic awareness allows the animal to process "this is exactly what it was like when..."

This intuition is the often ridiculed "sixth sense".

This "sixth sense", -or rather the combination of all of the senses in a hypersensitive state- is what I use to help folks identify patterns in their
environments and situations, and how their psyche manifests results in their every day lives.

How I Teach and Suggest
I don't like the word "advise". I prefer the word "suggest". The reason for this is that I feel that the word "advice" gives off a tone of "have to",
or one of specific structure, or a set of particular rules to follow and I don't like that vibe.

I, nor anyone else, in my opinion, is in any position to delegate to someone how they should do anything -especially on how one *should* conduct their lives.
I am here to make suggestions based on my own experience and impressions. I'm a guide; nothing more, and nothing less.

I write my articles based on my own experiences and interpretations of my intuitive ability in a way that others may value and make use of it.
It is highly psychological by default, but is in no way professional therapeutic or psychological "advice"
-which is why I always tell folks to get their medical professionals onbaord while using any of my work.

My hypersensitivity is my witch. The word "Witch" is the term I am comfortable with and use when describing my own abilities.
Historically, witches are known or believed to have the ability the manifest changes, by having a heightened sense of awareness,
an understanding and focus on things that usual or modern society doesn't find provable or acceptable, a training and experience in arcane arts,
a cogntive ability to be aware of subtle changes in the environment -including people, and a unique way of "conjuring" changes by use of psychological, herbal, and vibrational tools and metaphor.
Yep -I'm a witch.

I write from a "meta" or "para" perspective. This means "extra" or "outide of" what is considered the norm.
Most will call what I do a pseudo or fringe science. Some may refer to it as "quackery" because to the best of my knowledge, there is currently no way to measure the
data and gain proof of subtle changes in how some humans are able to translate this ability.
I understand us intuitives getting a bad rap, and I don't take offense to it because everyone needs some level of proof, so they can be assured that what they are getting into is safe and effective.
I assure you that what I write about are things that work for me. If it appeals to you, then give it a shot. I have a lot of work available for free on my Book of Shadows: Hexenriit.

I attempt to protect folks from getting injured in some way by repeatedly telling them that they should ask a medical professional if they feel something I have written is questionable.
Everyone is different, so folks should ask their medical team about how my work may affect them as individuals.
Some examples of this are my dark guided meditations and shadow work. Some of that stuff can get psychologically gnarly, and may cause more issues to someone that is mentally unstable.
Much of that work is pattern recognition, and somatic memory stuff, so for someone who has new or complex issues with trauma, it can open old wounds that they are not yet ready to deal with.

What This Witch Can Do For Your Business
Well, as a business professional, hiring a "witch" to "conjure" up changes, or give you a "psychic reading" is at the least, probably going to get you laughed out of the boardroom.
An "intuitive analyst" has more of a professional ring to it. A "coach" is also acceptable.
I create talks, worksheets, and activities that I feel can aide productivity, well-being, and creativity, and enhance communication skills.

I also provide:
⦁ oracle forecasts, by employing the use of divination tools such as cards.

⦁ aide you in trend recognition by giving insight on new or upcoming interests.

⦁ energy manipulation by giving suggestions on how to better employ the use of environmental stimuli.

⦁ a fun, new and hopefully effective way to change perspective and give new interests to boring projects.

Personal & Individual Readings & Forecasts
I am available as an intuitive consultant for individuals or groups of friends, as well as small projects and businesses by:
⦁ giving oracle forecasts for personal interests.

⦁ giving suggestions on how to manipulate or make better use of environmental
stimuli. For example how to make effective use of colors, layout, and sound.

⦁ give insight, by intuition and use of divinatory tools such as cards, runes, etc.

⦁ providing entertainment for parties as a reader (aka: fortune teller)

Classes and Workshops: Teaching My Tradition
As previously stated, I provide classes and workshops, create worksheets, spells, and meditations, and write articles based on my own experiences.
Every witch follows a preferred path, even if that path is ecclectic, and/or solitary. My path is my own tradition, which I call the Veshigi tradition.
I am an Appalachian native, so I call this tradition the Veshigi tradition of Appalachian Witchcraft, or Appalachian Hexerei.

Hexerei is the Scandanavian/Germanic word for Witch. It is neither "good" or "bad" and is definitiely not "evil"; although some other traditionalists would like you to believe otherwise.
It is a non-deistic, atheistic, creatively connective, intutive tradition of witch craft. A witch is how we describe what we are. Our craft is what we make with our abilities as a witch.
Veshigi is a term I created that loosely means "clothed as our ancestors". Since we view our "ancestors" as all life forms that have ever existed, it also means "watcher" and "eyes of the forest". We also do not beleive in linear aspects of time, work with quantum metaphysics and consciousness shifting, which greatly influences our perception of death as an outcome. Because we do not beleive in linear time as such, we consider our consciousness immortal. My writings reflect this philosophy, and my classes, spells, and workshops teach this tradition.

How to Participate in Classes and Workshops
I provide a lot of complimentary writings, workings, spells, etc on my Hexenriit Book of Shadows. That way, you can try out a few things for free -to see if they're your cup of tea.
My classes, books and workshops are available on my website Some are complimentary, while others are available for a small fee.

If you'd like to be informed of new writings and workings, you can subscribe to notifications and updates on my website and social media sites, by subscribing to my emails,
by following and adding me as a friend and/or my projects and websites on social media sites, and by adding me and/or Wintermoon Village and Ravynmoon in the virtual world of Second Life.

You can also become a subscriber on my Patreon.
Paid subscribers get more stuff than the general public. Some work that I have available for sale on my website, is avaialble for free to subscribers.
Subscribers also have access to our community on Discord, are informed before everyone else of new content, get exclusive stuff including more in-depth workings, crafts, videos, tutorials, and more.

How to Hire Me
Drop me a message so we can schedule a time to chat and come up with a plan and package that works for both of us. Contact Form




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